Lodox Xmplar dr

The Xmplar-dr is the newest of the Lodox full-body X-ray scanners.  It was named so because it is the “the model”, or exemplar, for high speed, low-radiation radiography that all clinicians should aspire to. The new machine offers a number of technological advances, based on user-feedback, that optimise its use and further secure its place as the ideal imaging modality for trauma and forensic pathology centres.

The Xmplar-dr utilises Linear Slot Scanning Technology to provide radiographs of the entire body in just 13 seconds without using stitching or re-takes of any kind. This unique technology allows these images to be produced at a very low dose to the patient (just 0.12mGy entrance dose) and attending staff, while at the same time maintaining an excellent image quality that is equivalent to or better than conventional radiography systems.

A rotating C-arm allows images at any angle from 0° (AP) to 90° (lateral) to be obtained. With a simple user-interface, optimised pre-set technique factors, and straightforward controls, the system is also easy to operate; allowing complete, two-view examinations to take place in less than 5 minutes.

In short, the Xmplar-dr serves as a model for digital radiology that rapidly and safely provides clinicians with high quality X-ray information of the entire body.

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