Ganshorn spirometer SpiroScout

SpiroScout® –is a complete lung function laboratory based on the unique ultrasonic measurement principle of GANSHORN®. It enables the exact determination of all spirometric parameters.

But the SpiroScout® is much more than just a spirometer. As the first of its kind the SpiroScout® simultaneously measures flow and gas density providing all the necessary information about the volume and gas exchange from one single measurement.

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  • High precision spirometry due to direct flow measurement
  • Realtime BTPS correction, drift free, high accuracy
  • Different options available such as rhinomanometry, oscillatory resistance, capnovolumetry, emphysema test, dead space analysis
  • No volume calibration and no warm-up time necessary
  • Perfectly hygienic concept optimising workflow and patient safety
  • No perceptible resistance and more comfort for the patients