About Us
SPEKTRAMED has been successfully in Lithuanian medical technology market for over 27 years. The company has been noted for its credibility and responsibility by the largest hospitals and outpatient clinics as well as a number of private clinics. Our partners - manufacturers of medical equipment - are innovative and respected leaders in their field, producing progressive and most advanced medical technologies in the World.
SPEKTRAMED is established not only as a distributor of the most advanced and up-to-date medical equipment but also excels in high-standing engineering unit that provides warranty and post-warranty support. The engineering unit and its service are especially valued by our customers
One of our recent achievements is the installation of Toshiba’s most advanced in the industry 320 detector rows/ 640 slices computed tomography unit “Aquillon ONE” in Kaunas Clinics. It is the first of this kind in the Baltic countries. Another notable achievement is installation of digital full body X-Ray scanner “Lodox StatScan” which completes scanning of 180x60 cm field in 13 seconds.Another unique medical unit – mobile Neurologica “CereTom” multislice computed tomography unit has been in service in Kaunas Clinics since 2012 and it is used by neurosurgeons for performing surgeries and scanning non-transportable patients in ICU.
The main objectives of the company are:
Providing information on the latest medical technology and equipment, medical instruments and materials;
Providing the latest medical diagnostical technologies and treatment equipment;
Warranty, post-warranty service and application training.
Most notable and valued characteristics of SPEKTRAMED are up-to-date and advanced technological solutions in the medical field and warranty support.

SPEKTRAMED is an ISO certified company. Its products and services are offered in all hospitals across the country. SPEKTRAMED acts as an exclusive distributor of some manufacturers in the Baltic Countries. Our engineers and medical application specialists are highly valued and are much sought after in the neighbouring countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia etc.