Apelem Platinum

Apelem's Platinum digital radiology technology combines the best options to provide optimal patient and operator comfort.

From technology, to mechanics to ergonomics to design, all the elements of this table have been conceptualized to fit together in a seamless, yet powerful and reliable package capable of performing all radiology applications.

The Platinum technology includes: independent movement of the X-ray tube and the detector block, a brushless motor with absolute encoders for fast and accurate positioning, as well as a generator fully integrated into the table’s control panel. The Platinum also integrates an innovative control system based on PC server technology that permits monitoring and automatic control of the table and the collimator. The smart design of the Platinum has integrated the electrical cabinet directly into the table structure for simplicity (less cables!), space saving and optimized access to the electronic board and the motors.

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  • Full patient coverage: 201 cm
  • Chest exams with 180 cm SID
  • Real full access around the patient
  • Easy patient transfer up to 200 Kg without limitation
  • Minimum charging height: 48 cm